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Risk based internal auditing

Risk based internal auditing links - Other Sites

Training providers (based in UK)

MindGrove – specialists in risk, audit, information technology security and control

Your local Institute of Internal Auditors group will probably run training courses.


David McNamee, one of the pioneers of risk-based auditing, published a book in 1997, Risk-based auditing, most of which is still relevant, but may not be easy to find. Part of the structure of my audit database is the same as a table that he suggested for audit testing, so I must have got something right!  His books are available from The Pleier Corporation ( or IIA bookstore. (Also try a search on “David McNamee audit books”).

The non-designers design book (4th edition), Robin Williams, Peachpit Press. Not an internal audit book but one which is very important when much of our final product is “written” – even if this is a “Word” document, “PowerPoint” presentation, or web page. Do the reports from your department look boring? Then get reading. Check out her other design books for ideas.

Mind mapping

A review of some software available is here.

It doesn’t include the software I have used, which is VisiMap from CoCo Systems.

You want to manage information?

You might like to look at my site which considers the management of information (

You want to teach computing?

I’ve written some tutor notes and handouts at

Finally, if you live in the UK and want to buy stationery supplies, please try my son-in-law’s website at: