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Risk based internal auditing

Risk based internal auditing links - Other Sites

Training providers (based in UK)

MindGrove – specialists in risk, audit, information technology security and control

Your local Institute of Internal Auditors group will probably run training courses.


David McNamee, one of the pioneers of risk-based auditing, published a book in 1997, Risk-based auditing, most of which is still relevant, but may not be easy to find. Part of the structure of my audit database is the same as a table that he suggested for audit testing, so I must have got something right!  His books are available from the IIA bookstore. (Also try a search on “David McNamee audit books”).

The non-designers design book (4th edition), Robin Williams, Peachpit Press. Not an internal audit book but one which is very important when much of our final product is “written” – even if this is a “Word” document, “PowerPoint” presentation, or web page. Do the reports from your department look boring? Then get reading. Check out her other design books for ideas.

My other sites

I was involved in the specification, choosing and implementation of computer systems. Some ideas are at www.systemsimplementation.co.uk

You might like to look at my site which considers the management of information (www.managing-information.org.uk).

You want to teach computing?

I’ve written some tutor notes and handouts at www.learncomputing.org.uk